We have replaced the Gel Pro kitchen floor mats and GelPro Chef's Mats that we used to sell with the new LARGER heavy-duty WEARWELL "ERGOASIS" antifatigue mats!

Gelpro gel mats were good, but a Wearwell mat is a larger 1/2 inch thick commercially rated anti-fatique vinyl floor mat with a great beveled edge...and for about half the price of gel pro Gelmats!!!
The Kitchen Floor Mat...
Has Just Been Refined!
Starting at only $59.
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Wearwell anti fatigue mats have a patented Nitricell Sponge mat base. The THICK vinyl top is designer wood grain look that gives your room a sophisticated look with true comfort!

Wearwell Anti-fatigue mats are constructed for heavy duty use as well as superior stain and chemical resistance.

Cushioned mats reduces the discomfort of standing on hard floors.

Gel Pro Mats are 20" inches wide but Wearwell Ergoasis is constructed with a minimum width of 24" inches!. Giving you 4 extra inches to move around the mat.

Wearwell even has a mat that is 36" wide for those who have larger kitchens or desire a larger mat.